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About Me



I am a Swedish National that has been living in England for a long time.

We make all the food from scratch using local ingredients where possible.

My family is a long line of cooks and chefs.

Everything we  cook is from an old family recipes, that have been tweaked, to make it the best it can be. (in my opinion)


We make Sandwich cakes and a whole range of Swedish and Scandinavian food. 

We cater for private events and corporate, large or small.

Happy to help with suggestions for your Wedding, Birthday, Launch or Business event

Smörgås Tårta is the Swedish food equivalent of Liberace. A true celebration cake.

Smörgås Tårta is part of the Swedish national landscape.

The basic idea is to make a big layered sandwich, Layers of bread where each layer has a different filling. Then you cover it with more filling and decorate it.

Usually as elaborate as possible to make it an impressive part of the table/ celebrations.

You then cut it like a cake and eat it by the slice. 

MVH Raya 

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